1. Everyone has a row

Generally, we assign two people per row. We do this so everyone has a chance to pick strawberries, so make sure to stick to your row. You will be asked to begin picking at an orange flag and to place the flag where you finish picking. The next person will begin where you finished (at the orange flag).

2. Watch your feet

As you pick, take special care to ensure that your feet or knees do not accidently damage the plants or the berries on them.

3. How to Tell a Good Strawberry

Pick your row clean by picking all the red ripe strawberries, small and large. Once berries are red, they do not become any larger. Ripe berries that are not harvested will spoil and rot and be wasted before we return to this area of the field. A good strawberry picking tip is to part the leaves with your hands so that you can find the strawberries underneath!

4. How to Pick a Strawberry

Remove red strawberries from the plant by grasping the stem above each berry between your forefinger and thumbnail and pulling with a slight twisting motion.

5. How to Pick a Strawberry Like a Pro

With the stem broken about one-half inch from the berry, allow the berry with its green cap (the hull) to roll into the palm of your hand. Do not remove the hulls so the berries will last longer.

6. How to Keep your Strawberries from Bruising

When you have 3 or 4 berries in each of your hands, to avoid bruising the berries, carefully place (rather than throw) them in your container. Also, make sure not to pack down or heap the berries as they may bruise.